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  • My Amethyst Package is a 3 in 1 combination of the most requested services: Sapphire Energy Medicine, Akashic Records Reading & Intuitive Guidance Reading. $111 for 90 min w/follow up email from your spirit guides and angels. 
  • The Merkaba Immersion: This is a combo of ALL services, body, mind and soul. This is a 90 day immersion, designed to truly peel back numerous layers in all areas of your life.  

New Chakra Balance Kit


Our NEW Chakra Balancing Kit was lovingly designed to help balance the chakras with high vibrational  doTERRA oils designed to enhance and heal each corresponding chakra. This includes crystals that correspond with each chakra and each one is infused with Sapphire Energy. 

Root Blend w/Garnet

Sacral Blend w/Carnelian

Solar Plexus Blend w/Tigers eye

Heart Blend w/Rose Quartz

Throat Blend w/Blue Apatite

Third Eye w/Black Tourmaline & Blue Apatite

Crown Blend w/Amethyst 

These kits will also have 1 tumbled stone for each corresponding chakra as well, to go along with the oils as well as an affirmation card for each chakra as well. 

The purpose in this kit is to balance the chakras with a variety of tools, in between Sapphire Energy Medicine sessions. Price to be determined in the coming weeks, subscribe to my email list to stay in the loop!

April Specials


Each month, Sapphire Soul Wellness tries to offer some type of special to pay it forward, or give back to humanity, so to speak. Last month, Mercury Retrodgrade was offered all month long., $11 off all healing services from the 5th-28th of March. 

A new energy is coming through in April. This is a great time for new beginnings and digging deep. The week of 4/20 (14th-20th) to support Medical Marijuana over pharmaceutical grade medications,, Sapphire Soul Wellness is offering a 10% discount on ALL healing services that are over 1 hour long from April 14th-20th 2019. 

New Services,Classes, Products-2019


I am excited to present the following new Services beginning the month of February 2019: 

Sapphire Medical Intuitive Package-$88=$22 for Iridology Reading ($44 service) Full Intuitive-Guidance Session regarding my client's health and wellness. Using my physical em-path abilities and my claire abilities, I can step into my client's energy field, feeling things belonging to them within my own body and mind. This has been a useful gift as it allows me a foundation to work from and I have been trained to separate myself from my clients energy, easily noticing and shifting the energy in their field, for the ultimate in cellular healing, moving stuck energy patterns, balancing chakras, shielding the energy field and more. 

I am excited to announce a new Immersion opportunity for Gifted Starseed-Psychic Children. As a mother of these children, I understand on a deeper level than most how to pinpoint a gifted child, how to help them understand and find comfort instead of fear with their gifts, helping them and lovingly guiding them on their journey to accessing the divine guidance that I work with daily. I have been shown the importance of guiding these children, offering a safe space where they can openly speak of their visions, experiences etc.. not only will this be a chance for me to help these children access their gifts and apply them into their modern lifestyle, but I will be helping the parents of these gifted souls understand their children better and how they can help to support them during this confusing time of stepping into their gifts. Suppressing these children's gifts is the worst thing we can do as a society, many of these children are being medicated, labeled ADHD/Autistic etc.. these kids are simply operating a higher frequency and often in other dimensions, and their ability to do this is a true source given gift. I am excited to continue to help these beautiful children come into themselves in ways they never dreamed of. I have been shown that these beautiful souls will be sharing their divine guidance with the world and without proper nurturing and guidance of their gifts, not only could they lose that connection due to pharmaceuticals and allopathic medicine labeling these children as if something is wrong with them. In reality, it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with our society and out inability to accept those different from us, without exploitation or anything but the desire for them to come into themselves, not feel awkward or weird and ultimately, realize the little star being that they came here to be, I will be helping these children shine! Unlocking their gifts in a safe container and even connecting these talented children together in a class of peers so that they understand they truly are NOT alone in what they are experiencing. If you have a gifted child, please reach out to me today! I have space for only a couple more souls before I will start a waiting list for this program! Price for these sessions: $77 1 hour 11 min (added 15 min to help talk to parent about what they can do to help assist their child on this journey) 

Awakening the Divine-Mentoring Program


This is an in depth program/class coming in Fall of 2019! This class is a chance for my gifted client's who have scheduled and completed at LEAST a couple private sessions with me prior to registering for this class. This is for those looking to awaken their source given abilities in a new way, step into their intuition and learn how to apply these techniques to their modern lifestyle. Awakening the Divine Mentoring program will be a series of both private sessions aimed at helping to guide my client's on their path to awakening/ascension that is really all about coming home to the most authentic and magical version of self that exists. This class will also include spiritual homework, weekly zoom meetings and a webinar with a series of short videos from other talented and amazing teacher's with numerous complimentary gifts to share with humanity. This is a chance to really step into-your gifts in a new way. Meet and learn to interact with your spirit guides, manifest the reality you have always desired and pinpoint your psychic/intuitive gifts. Awakening the Divine Mentoring Class is for those souls looking to take the next step on their spiritual journey and are ready for the loving guidance of souls who have been doing this for many years, Reach out in a private message for more info on how to apply or find out qualifications for applying for this unique program. Space is limited. 

What is Sapphire Energy Medicine?


What is Sapphire Energy Medicine? 

Sapphire Energy Medicine is a unique and effective combination of numerous healing modalities designed for deep and rapid transformation on a quantum level. I have taken my favorite pieces of all of the healing modalities I have been practicing and learning for 12 years and created a form of Energy Work that is quicker, more potent and effective than any of these modalities on their own. I also use my natural source given abilities to tap into my client's energy field to help shift things on a cellular level. In this realm of work, there is no space or time, therefore it does not matter if my client is in the same room as me or thousands of miles away, the results will be exactly the same. I have many clients located all over the world who have greatly benefited from my healing services, despite being across the world. This is further proof of the collective
one, we are all a part of.