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Connecting with my client's higher self, spirit guides and angels to help them gain clarity and insight on any area of your life in need of new direction


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My Sapphire Energy Medicine Sessions are truly a unique experience. A combination of over 10 types of healing modalities


Akashic Records Readings-Past Life & Ancestral Healing

A chance to overcome patterns from previous lifetimes, discover strengths and weaknesses and get to know yourself on a soul level


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New Office Space!!



Sapphire Soul Wellness is excited to announce a NEW space to see clients! Each Wednesday, you can now visit me in person in Mountlake Terrace at a beautifully peaceful space that has been so lovingly shared with me by a sweet client-friend, Tiffany Wilson from Seattle Midwifery! Tiffany and I will be announcing this exciting new sacred collaboration ASAP and are excited to offer a LIMITED TIME OFFER to celebrate this new collaboration! Although it is no longer advertised on my website, I do work with children both in the womb, prior to conception (known as spirit baby readings) to help my clients connect to their unborn child.There is a program called Moonstone Conscious Conception which is no longer listed on my website, but includes an opportunity to conceive naturally through a variety of techniques such as full body, mind & soul detox, Spirit Baby readings, Lunar conception & more! 

Sapphire Wellness Mama Packages include the following: 


Value: $

1 Bottle Advanced TRS

1 Iridology Reading

1 Spirit Baby Reading

1 3.1 Amethyst Pkg-Focus on pregnancy


Chakra Balance Kit


Our NEW Chakra Balancing Kit was lovingly designed to help balance the chakras with high vibrational  doTERRA oils designed to enhance and heal each corresponding chakra. This includes crystals that correspond with each chakra and each one is infused with Sapphire Energy. 

Root Blend w/Garnet

Sacral Blend w/Carnelian

Solar Plexus Blend w/Tigers eye

Heart Blend w/Rose Quartz

Throat Blend w/Blue Apatite

Third Eye w/Black Tourmaline & Blue Apatite

Crown Blend w/Amethyst 

These kits will also have 1 tumbled stone for dig deep in each corresponding chakra as well, to go along with the oils as well as an affirmation card for each chakra as well. 

this program to be 

The purpose in this kit is to balance the chakras with a variety of tools, in between Sapphire Energy Medicine sessions. Price to be determined in the coming weeks, subscribe to my email list to stay in the loop!



For the month of August, Sapphire Soul Wellness is offering the following specials 

to celebrate Leo season. 

Amethyst 3.1 Couples Sessions $144 for 90 min

Explore the dynamics of your relationship by connecting for your Amethyst 3.1 pkg. a combo of our 3 most popular services combined into one, 90 min session. 

Akashic Records: Explore the souls imprint of you and your partner, discover karmic ties,  past life incarnations and soul contracts. 

Intuitive Guidance: This is a chance to communicate with the spiritual guidance team of both parties, this includes their higher selves, loved ones on the others side, spirit guides and guardian angels. This is an opportunity to receive channeled wisdom pertaining to the relationship. 

Sapphire Energy Medicine: This part of the session is focused on getting the couple on the same energetic wavelength or frequency level.  This is incredibly important when it comes to being connected, through the heart chakra as well as simply getting on a frequency level that promotes growth and compassion in the relationship. 

New Services,Classes, Products-2019


Sapphire Shamanic Regression Healing: 

$111 for 90 min

This new service is an exciting and unique way to explore other lifetimes through a unique combination of past life regression therapy combined with a shamanic journey and the added benefit of Sapphire Energy Medicine to help balance, integrate or release anything that may show up during this private healing session. This is a chance to dig deep, to see and experience other lifetimes with your own senses, to communicate with your spiritual guidance team while I use my claire abilities to help my client to access the lifetimes and information their subconscious mind is ready to hear. These sessions are a chance for deep healing, as my client is in the theta brainwave state, this is a magical chance to connect with ones soul, to retrieve it and to begin living a life with deeper purpose and with more clarity and heart centered action. 

Sapphire Inner Child Rescue

$111 for 90 min 

These sessions are a chance to go into the theta state, going backwards into one's childhood to not only work on healing the inner child, but rescuing him/her. This work is incredibly healing on many levels, is ongoing and comes with spiritual inner child homework, which will continue to assist you along the way as you begin healing and reparenting the inner you, that so desperately deserves and needs your sup[port and love. These sessions are beautifully healing and are a chance to peel back numerous layers in one, 90- min session. 

Awakening the Divine-Mentoring Program


This is an in depth program/class coming in Fall of 2019! This class is a chance for my gifted client's who have scheduled and completed at LEAST a couple private sessions with me prior to registering for this class. This is for those looking to awaken their source given abilities in a new way, step into their intuition and learn how to apply these techniques to their modern lifestyle. Awakening the Divine Mentoring program will be a series of both private sessions aimed at helping to guide my client's on their path to awakening/ascension that is really all about coming home to the most authentic and magical version of self that exists. This class will also include spiritual homework, weekly zoom meetings and a webinar with a series of short videos from other talented and amazing teacher's with numerous complimentary gifts to share with humanity. This is a chance to really step into-your gifts in a new way. Meet and learn to interact with your spirit guides, manifest the reality you have always desired and pinpoint your psychic/intuitive gifts. Awakening the Divine Mentoring Class is for those souls looking to take the next step on their spiritual journey and are ready for the loving guidance of souls who have been doing this for many years, Reach out in a private message for more info on how to apply or find out qualifications for applying for this unique program. Space is limited. 

What is Sapphire Energy Medicine?


What is Sapphire Energy Medicine? 

Sapphire Energy Medicine is a unique and effective combination of numerous healing modalities designed for deep and rapid transformation on a quantum level. I have taken my favorite pieces of all of the healing modalities I have been practicing and learning for 12 years and created a form of Energy Work that is quicker, more potent and effective than any of these modalities on their own. I also use my natural source given abilities to tap into my client's energy field to help shift things on a cellular level. In this realm of work, there is no space or time, therefore it does not matter if my client is in the same room as me or thousands of miles away, the results will be exactly the same. I have many clients located all over the world who have greatly benefited from my healing services, despite being across the world. This is further proof of the collective
one, we are all a part of.