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As a student of metaphysics for  most of my life, I have spent the last 12 years studying numerous healing modalities, working closely with mentors who have helped me to step into my own source given abilities in addition to getting certified in different holistic practices including different forms of Energy Medicine, Iridology (Traditional & Emotional) & much more! As a never ending student of metaphysics, I am constantly adding to my universal knowledge with each passing moment. I use every opportunity in the day to my advantage. If I am not spending time with my family and loved ones I am helping souls in need, working on self care and shadow work so that I can be a vessel of love, light wisdom and truth at all times. My ultimate goal is to help raise earth's vibration,. one soul at a time by being the bright light humanity needs in a dark world, just now awakening from an un-peaceful slumber. I am humbled and honored to be part of humanity's shift into the light, as well as your healing journey back to the most authentic version of self that exists. Together, we rise and come together as one, collectively through consciousness we will create the New Earth, so many have been shown is already available to us. If you have stumbled across my page, it is for a reason. Reach out and 

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Chakra Balancing

Color Therapy

Crystal Therapy

Sound Therapy

Matrix Energetics 

Pranic Healing

Theta Healing

Ancient Lemurian Energy Healing

Dowsing/Clearing. Shielding the energy field

The Reconnection by Eric Pearl

Trauma Release Techniques 


Certified Iridologist (Traditional & Emotional)

Inspirations, Authors, Teachers

 “Behold a Pale Horse” by Williams Cooper is a book that truly opened my eyes to the corruption of our government and the Matrix we live in. I was 14 when reading this book and it opened my eyes to the ruling elite and the truth our world is based on. This was the beginning of my “awakening process” and from there, I never stopped educating myself on a wide range of subjects regarding truth, the agenda of those who run our world and later, what we could do as collective one, to overcome these issues our world is currently facing as the veil is removed and we raise in consciousness.


“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne was another life changer forme. It is the book that led me to a deeper interesting quantum physics, the universal laws and my job at Matrix Energetics. I even was blessed enough to talk to Rhonda Byrnes on the phone only weeks after coming to work for Matrix Energetics, which was the beginning of a beautiful and life transforming journey for me. 

Matrix Energetics, The Science and Art of Transformation” was the next life changing book that inspired me to step further into my skills as an Intuitive and healer. I was mentored by Dr.Bartlett closely for 7 years while working closely with him at his company, as his personal assistant and office manager. His other book, “The Physics of Miracles” was inspiring as well, I helped him during the process of writing this book, collecting stories from previous patients and seminar attendees who wrote in to share their experiences after being introduced to Matrix Energetics. 

The Wheel of Life, Pranic Healer founder,I have been deeply inspired by Choa Kok Sui and have read all of his books numerous times to date, Pranic Healing, for beginners and Advanced Pranic Healing, as well as the above published book by him. He has been an inspiration to me as I easily learned this technique my first time applying it with a client. It has now become an essential tool that I bring into numerous healing sessions with my clients as healing with prana, using the color therapy I already incorporate into my sessions, pranic healing is a great addition and fits in nicely with the other modalities I use daily.



Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner - Richard Barelett

Certified Iridologist - Tony Miller

doTERRA Wellness Advocate 

Advanced TRS Distributor 

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