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Merkaba Immersion-Amethyst Immersion

  "I first came across Alissa in a Facebook group and was instantly attracted to her energy. Little did I know then that she was going to be a HUGE part of my ascension process. Since we started working together through her energy sessions, TRS, essential oils & iridology sessions, I have seen so many shifts and at a very rapid speed. She has guided in realizing my true potential, she has guided me through meeting my shadow and doing the work that needs to be done and released in this lifetime, she has guided me to uncovering the true reasons behind my physical health issues. When we connect, I can physically feel what part of my body she is working on from a distance, which I never used to which I never used to believe in. Alissa is the real deal and she is here to help awaken and guide one person at a time into realizing their own power and strength. I would recommend and do recommend Alissa to everyone, if you were drawn her, it was for a reason. I am so so so grateful for her. "-Kaitlyn Marie  


Sapphire Soul Energy Medicine Session 

"I recently had my first spiritual/ energy healing session with Alissa and it was amazing. I was drawn to Alissa through another group we are in. Alissa's knowledge, energy and intuition are so strong, she reached places in my heart no-one has been before, the place we keep from everyone. I was surprised - but not - if that makes sense. I was scared, but still felt I was where I was meant to be. It felt comforting to have her energy around mine, she saw and felt everything that was happening with my soul, under all the layers of "stuff" and behind the brick walls. The energies and feelings that Alissa was picking up on were spot on. Things that I have been through, feelings I have not even voiced to myself, Alissa cradles them in her hands and helped put me on the path to healing and self love, a place I have never been before. Thank you Alissa from the bottom of my heart for listening to your true self and sharing your gifts with me and the world. I look forward to future sessions. Feeling blessed. "  -  Michelle Major Sapphire Soul Energy Medicine Session 


Amethyst Session (Intutive Guidance & Energy Medicine)

"Alissa is a POWERFUL Healer! I worked with Alyssa on remote Energy Medicine Sessions to help unlock & release past traumas & patterns of negative emotions/behaviors and she addressed things I hadn't shared with her yet! Her intuition is keen and spot-on. The shifts that have happened to me, both subtle and very powerful, have been life life-changing and healing down to the cellular level. This is exactly what I needed, as I've done all I could on my own to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Ive been chronically ill & I don't have time/resources to waste. I'm grateful for Alissa's knowledge & creativity in bringing other healing modalities into our sessions that I had no idea could be helpful! TRS detoxing has been liberating, and unexpectedly helpful. I've also learned so much about her other wellness tools that she so skillfully used in our sessions (color therapy, oils, etc). " Rebecca Hernandez Welsh 


 Chakra Balancing / Crystal Therapy Session

"Alissa is great at what she does ,she knows alot and loves helping people,I would recommend her if you need help,shes the BEST!!!!" -  Val Lyon 

Sapphire Energy Medicine Session


"Wow!!! I had the most amazing energy healing session from across the country, literally, and Alissa was spot on with health issues that she had NO knowledge of. It blew my mind!!! I have bad knees and need total knee replacements, but actually noticed significantly less pain in my one knee (the other is just too far gone and has a prosthesis) after just a short session. I am so grateful for the compassion and thoughtfulness Alissa shares - I can't even put into words how to explain her sincere passion for helping and healing others, and am super excited for future sessions and potential progress!" -  Denise Holmes Knadler  

Intutive/Guidance Sessions & Energy Medicine


"Alissa is very talented in her knowledge of healing and abilities to guide others in health and wellness. She has a gift. She also is very intuitive and can give insight on spiritual and emotional healing.Alissa has a strong ability to follow her intuition and has a giving heart. She is a natural healer and has such compassion for others. " -  Naomi Barragan 


Intuitive-Guidance Reading/Akashic Records/Past Life Regression


"The help I have received from the wonderful soul behind this page cannot be explained in words really, I can only tell you how I feel. my heart and mind have healed tremendously despite having experienced a couple traumatic events. these events I went through definitely brought me to dark thoughts. but my soul wasnt ready to leave this world and projected its S.O.S. out in the universe. and then the most amazing person found me through the group we were both in and has since helped me overcome that which almost ended my lifetime. Alissa is a wonderful soul, and to know her is a blessing. if u need help spiritually, mentally, physically, she can help you overcome all that is keeping you from being your true self!" If you are struggling and dont know what the universe has in store for you, Alissa will help and direct you on the right path to achieve your happiness. She is an amazing person that has brought me clarity when I needed it most! I am more confident now towards my goals, all thanks to her reading! If you were brought here, there is a reason, and she can tell you why. Much love and positivity!          

Haley Lancaster 

Iridology Client (Traditional/Emotional)


 "Alissa is really talented and passionate about Iridology. My Husband and I have had Iridology readings done at least ten times. Not one of the practitioners has ever put so much detail in a reading before.  Not only does she tell you what's going on in your body,  but she explains what to do to help heal from it.  She was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on with my Husbands emotional,  physical and spiritual help. She hit it right on the nose! Getting this Iridology reading done was definitely money well spent.  I'm planning on getting my children done next. Thanks again Alissa for all that you've doing to help heal others. You definitely have a gift in this field! ~Nadalea Tate  (Iridology Client) 

Spirit Baby Reading


 "Thanks to you I will never lose my hope I will never give up , I am deeply thankful because you were able to make me see my son and know how he feels, I love you!!" Brenda Ramona Tafolla Barajas-Client's reaction after a "Spirit Baby Reading" client discovered only 6 weeks after this review, that she is currently pregnant with a baby BOY!!  

Indigo Iridology Client


 Alissa did a phenomenal job on my husbands Iridology reading! Very detailed and thorough. Spot on with every single point. She also did mine, much easier, and was spot on with my issues as well! I highly recommend getting an Iridology Reading done by her!!! Lee Boyer/Indigo Iridology Client

Intuitive-Guidance Reading


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